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tv   News4 Today  NBC  April 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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but first the showers are moving out of here. but keep the umbrella at the ready with the rain threat of more rain coming in over the course of the day. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with our weather headlines. >> yeah we'll be drying out temporarily. the showers came through after the nationals game ended, just in time. they rolled on through. now exiting the metro area and crossing the chesapeake bay heading across the eastern shore a few light showers there. but still we have got wet pavement around this morning. we had multiple accidents. melissa will have an update shortly. we're in the mid 50s. 50s in washington. most of the rural areas of maryland and virginia are in the mid 50s. we'll have a cool morning and then a mild afternoon. making it into the 70s. we have a storm chance by later this afternoon. so keep that umbrella handy. a look at your bus stop forecast
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what to wear today, that's coming up at 6:11. next weather and traffic on the ones. what's happening with the commute? >> we have the chopper 4 over this accident at peach orchard and batson road. because of an earlier crash, some wires are down. we have crews trying to fix that. alternate there is going to be briggs cheney if you're trying to get around that in that area. red line single tracking right now, between van ness and dupont circle. overall, prince george's county looking good. no major problems in the 6:00 hour now. looking at 66 here -- i went blank for a minute there, 66 into town, out of town. thank you. thank you. adam tuss, thank you. taking a look at 95 here northbound dale city -- i know you are. dale city there it's a little bit slow in dale city. and then the beltway at new hampshire. that's the inner and the outer loop. >> there's two. >> there are two.
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>> are you doing traffic? >> no one goes clockwise, the other counter clockwise. >> thanks, adam. >> smarter than the average bear. it's now 6:02. a maryland man who jumped the white house fence last october has to answer to the judge in a couple of hours. the incident put a focus on security at 1600 pennsylvania avenue and now we're getting a first look at some upgrades to make the white house safer. news4's megan mcgrath has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. dominic adesanya is due back in federal court at 9:30 this morning after undergoing psychiatric treatment. treatment that was ordered by a judge. look at the cell phone video. it shows adesanya punching secret service dogs last october. he made it about 20 yards past that fence before he was taken down by canines. it was one of several fence jumping incidents that focused attention on the white house's security and specifically the
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fence that surrounds it. now we're learning that changes are on the way. in the coming weeks, pointy steel spikes will be bolted on the top of the existing fence outside the white house. they'll be sharp, making it difficult to scale the fence. now, other possibilities that are become considered include increasing security at three vehicle check points on the ellipse, replacing the fence with a taller ten foot fence and building another fence inside the existing perimeter. so that there would be a double fence in theory making it more difficult to get past the perimeter, to get past those fences. now, there were a couple of ideas that were floated out there, which have been ruled out. they include putting barbed wire on top of the existing fence as well as a moat. pack to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, megan mcgrath. right now an 11-year-old boy
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is missing from hyattsville and police need to find him. take a good look at his picture. this is marquell raynard boyd, he was last seen yesterday around nicholas orham middle school. he was last seen wearing a blue gap sweatshirt with white polo underneath and khaki pants. he was carrying an orange wolverines backpack. he suffers from russell-silver syndrome. he had to eat 2,000 calories a day to avoid medical complications. police are hoping to find the person who stole a little boy's wheelchair in prince george's county. the wheelchair was stolen from the apartment building lobby earlier this week in langley park. the boy's mom leaves the wheelchair in the lobby every night so she can carry her son up to the second floor apartment. but when she went to get the chair on monday morning it was gone. anyone with information is asked to call police. d.c. police are trying to figure out why someone would shoot two teenagers. this happened last night in the district on alabama avenue and g street southeast. we don't know their ages but we know it was a girl and a buy who were shot and they're expected
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to be okay. one neighbor said they heard between six and eight gunshots just after 8:00 p.m. another neighbor said they saw a car speed away after the shots were fired. a bond hearing is coming up today for a former fairfax county public information officer who is the focus of a child porn investigation. bud walker's hearing was yesterday. julie carey tweeted he had no comment to the judge. he was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. his attorney will ask for him to be released. lawmakers in virginia will rework a bill today that limits gifts that i can receive from lobbyists. this bill has been through a lot of changes already. here's what happened the bill originally called for $100 per gift. governor terry mcauliffe then called for a limit of $100 gifrs per year and when that change was made the bill accidentally limited gifts to $100 for a lifetime.
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so that's what lawmakers plan to fix today. the reforms stem from corruption charges levelled against bob mcdonnell and his wife. well the caps hope to tie things up with the islanders tonight. they'll face off at 7:00 p.m. for game two of their playoff series. the caps are hoping to playame tonight. there was a lot of talk about heavy and sluggish legs in game one. tickets for tonight's game at verizon center are still available. we found them this morning starting at 70 bucks. i'm trapped in this plane and i called my job. but i'm in the plane. >> calling for help the frantic 911 call of a baggage handler trapped in the belly of an airborne plane and the new restrictions now being put on that man. and let's take a live look at union station. actually the capitol this morning where you're still seeing some clouds out there, but no more rain. tom has your what to weather forecast at 6:11. and improvements are long
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you're watching "news4 today." >> proposed toll lanes on i-66 being met by some serious opposition from four virginia lawmakers. representatives jerry conley rob whitman, don beyer and barbara comstock voiced their concerns that the plan to add the toll lanes and change hov restrictions is moving way too fast without the necessary research on how it will affect commuters. they acknowledge something needs to be done but they urged the secretary to keep lawmakers in the loop and consider alternatives. this morning we're looking at incredible video of a man being pulled from the subway tracks in philadelphia. look at the bottom left of your screen, you can see the man falling right on to the tracks.
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several people there scatter, but a man in that eagles jacket jumps down from the platform to help him up. others gather around then to pull that man and good samaritan back on to the platform. the man who fell was hurt but he's going to be okay. >> that's a big drop there. you have to be careful when you're walking toward the edge of those platforms for sure. >> does restore faith in humanity people put their own life at risk. >> even if he's wearing an eagles jacket. >> that's right. >> wow, what a shot there. >> beautiful. >> the jefferson memorial. the cherry blossoms. tom, what do you think of that one? >> a lot of the blossoms have come down with the rain on tuesday. you can see now there's more green than pink on the cherry trees there. live view though. even under a cloudy sky. beautiful scene there jefferson memorial and around the tidal basin on this friday morning. we had some passing showers overnight. they did knock more of the blossoms down. but they're pulling east headed over to the eastern shore. still mostly cloudy for waiting at the bus stop and at the metro
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you won't need an umbrella. but outside in the mid 50s. then 8:00 to 9:00, sun is breaking out, sidewalks are trying out. so today you will need a light jacket for the morning and then sunglasses through much of the day. have the umbrella ready for later this afternoon as we'll probably get a few more showers coming on through. maybe some thunder. a look at our up and down weekend forecast is coming up at 6:21. melissa, what's happening with the commute? >> have new problem, 66 eastbound approaching the belt way. we have a crash blocking the right lanes so we are seeing some volume starting to build eastbound at the beltway. going to be probably a problem spot for the next hour or so. 198 here in spencerville between peach orchard and batson roads right now that section is completely shut down. that's because of those wires that are down in that area. alternate there is going to be briggs cheney.
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270 south and the outer loop of the beltway, you're on time here. no major problems. virginia, same thing. looking quite good, 66 inbound a little slow. back in ten minutes. finding a new calling after years as a member of the d.c. council. the new job jim graham has that's raising eyebrows this morning and why he says he picked it. plus it's something we've all dealt with when we fly. a passenger who is making himself too much at home. it's bothering
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i'm inside the plane. i feel like it's moving in the air. can you please tell somebody to stop it. >> where are you in the plane at? >> i'm inside the plane. alaska airlines flight 448. >> some scary and dramatic moments for a baggage handler trapped inside a plane's cargo hold. in the 911 call you can hear the worker realize where he is and then plead with the operator for help. this is how he ended up there. the man took a nap after loading
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bags into the plane on monday. when he woke up the plane was take taking off from seattle. he called for help and then passengers could hear him banging and hear the screaming from below their feet. the man is back on the job but is now banned from handling baggage for alaska airlines. >> scary. police say a massive family argument is to blame for a deadly shooting in phoenix. police stormed the home yesterday after an hour's long standoff. inside they found five victims. the three men were brothers. the other two victims were the men's mother and spouse. two other women and children were not hurt. today the woman who tried to kill an 8-year-old prince george's county boy in his sleep will be sentenced. helen newsome confessed to trying to smother her ex-boyfriend's son in landover in 2013. the boy's father believes she was angry over the breakup. 6:18 now.
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today nine people are facing charges accused of robbing the same drugstore twice. these robberies happened on sunday and monday in southwest washington at a drugstore near the water front metro station. police say the group stole drugs, not cash. officers recovered the drugs in three se -- and three semiautomatic handguns on wednesday. sunday marks 20 years since the oklahoma city bombing. 168 people were killed. close to 700 others were hurt. the city and survivors have pushed forward in the last two decades. within only five years the oklahoma city national memorial was built on the site of the former alfred p. murrah federal building. the bombing remains the worst act of home grown terrorism on american soil. in texas tonight, this will be a vigil to remember the victims of a deadly plant explosion. the blast from two years ago had the strength of a magnitude 2.1 earthquake. it could be felt 50 miles away. more than 300 homes in the town of west texas were also destroyed. if you have ever posted an
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anonymous review on yelp you'll stay anonymous. virginia supreme court ruled it can note force yelp to reveal names of anonymous posters. the court said it doesn't have jurisdiction because yelp is based in california. a carpet cleaning company is suing for defamation. no word on if it will pursue the case in california. if you own a home in arlington county the board won't raise property taxes this year but overall taxes could still go up. assessment increases and a water/sewer rate increase will raise property taxes by about $300 a year. the 2016 budget also includes an added $6 million for public schools. overall the budget cuts $2.6 million. this may sound like the start of a bad joke, but it's not. former ward one d.c. council member jim graham, he's a character. he's found his new job and it's in adult entertainment industry.
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he will take center stage at the nude nightclub called the house in northwest d.c. graham will serve as the special events director two nights a week. sunday nights will be nude male dancing for gay men. thursday nights nude male dancing for women. got that, eun? he told tom sherwood why he's choosing this as the next venture. >> i wanted something different from all of that. i wanted something that was fun. and quite honestly i like to make a buck or two. >> he's being honest. >> yeah. >> graham has been out of office since january after losing to democratic primary to brianne nadeau. >> interesting. 6:20. apparently disney's "frozen" has fans of all ages even senator pat roberts. >> preference -- ♪ >> oh, come on. just let it go.
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>> there you go. you heard the ringtone, "let it go." it came as agriculture secretary tom vilsack was answering a question on u.s. tariff policy yesterday. >> he should have just started singing the song. and then -- >> go for it. >> you're already in deep. just commit. >> secretary's face, like how do i go on? tariff policy? 6:21. on this friday morning, let's get a check of our friday forecast. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with traffic and weather on the ones. >> first light of the day is showing up an overcast sky. the sunlight is kind of bright upping the sky around the region. you may have heard the rain on your roof overnight. crossing the bay, headed to the eastern shore. a few light showers there. west of there, some low clouds hanging in. our temperatures under the low cloud cover that we can see over capitol hill right in the mid
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to upper 50s right now. we have a gray sky, but we'll have sunshine by 8:00. by then should be around 60 degrees and by noontime climbing to around 70. beautiful midday. partly cloudy sky. then the clouds may build. we might get a passing thundershower mid to late afternoon. by then, mid 70s. a thundershower coming through. some showers, maybe rumbles of thunder. great weather for the earth day concert. warm and dry. don't forget your hat and sun block. lots of sunshine. up around 80 degrees. cooler on sunday. you were saturday -- up saturday, down sunday. increasing clouds and some showers likely moving in on sunday evening. then a wet monday occasional showers during the day on monday. highs reaching the upper 60s. into next day we should stay dry on tuesday and wednesday. highs near 70s. another chance of rain at the end of the week on thursday.
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next weather and traffic on the ones a look at the rain timing hour by hour and our chances for storms later today. that's coming up at 6:31. now what's happening with the commute, melissa? >> we have some big backups building 66 inbound as you approach the beltway. we have a crash, now off to the shoulder. doesn't matter. it was in the roadway a couple of minutes ago. it is slowing things down here. take a look at the map here of 66. we're talking about a five mile backup. again as you approach the beltway. 66 eastbound. sheriff road at cedar heights drive, we have a water main break, that just popped up. so a little bit of a closure there for the next couple of hours as they fix that. red line, single tracking between van ness and dupont and look at peach orchard road 198 we have all lanes blocked still in spencerville. overall, looking pretty good. back in ten minutes. >> all right. well today spacex's
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spacecraft is making its final approach to the space station. the dragon's cargo has science experiments and an italian espresso machine. let's look at mission control. what we're seeing there. some pics of i guess the spacex getting closer there. it weighs more than 4,300 pounds and measures about 23 feet long and 12 feet around. it is scheduled to arrive at 7:00 this morning. well, there are new concerns that growth at reagan national airport is causing dulles to lose business. as you know, a $1 billion expansion is in the works for reagan. the washington business journal reports traffic there will surpass dulles this year. they say this is a blow to the dulles area. >> we've got to guard against making more and more exceptions to allow long haul flights to fly out of reagan because if we do we weaken dulles.
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what is going to -- that is going to hurt the whole region. >> reagan's expansion includes a new concourse. you can see it in purple on the proposed plans. we don't need to tell you that flying can be stressful and one man's snoring apparently with another passenger's frustration ended up with a delayed flight. this happened on a flight from chicago to new hampshire. the flight was late leaving the gate after a woman allegedly poked a snoring passenger with a pen. southwest removed the woman from the plane. the man was examined by paramedics. he is okay. the woman was allowed to take another flight. and apparently, she left pen marks on the man's sleeve. >> that's going too far. >> we hear about road rage. there's so much frustration on airlines now. there is this plane rage that's happening. you hear about people getting into arguments, fighting over whether or not you can push your seat back. >> yeah. we our all packed in there on the planes. take a deep breath. you'll get where you need to go.
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all right, well fallout on capitol hill after this man's flying stunt triggers an angry reaction. how the pilot was able to fly undetected and why some say his flight exposes a major security flaw. those showers we saw overnight are rolling out of the area. could more be on way? plus a ribbon cutting ceremony is planned to celebrate this new northern virginia fire station, but we'll show you why
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right now we're seeing clearing skies at the tidal basin as we look at what remains of the cherry blossoms. still beautiful out there. it's starting to be a great weekend to head down there, but you might hold off on a visit today. it won't be this line of showers that keeps from going out today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has the hour by hour timing of the rain. >> yeah, those overnight showers knocked a lot of the blossoms that lingered off of the trees around the tidal basin.
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but other cherry blossoms are still out. so the rain didn't knock all of them down. we did have the showers passing through that left wet pavement around and left the region a little damp this morning. the last of the showers crossing the bay. getting a few sprinkles way out here in west virginia. those may be moving closer to the shenandoah valley later this morning. low clouds with temperatures now in the 50s. but by mid morning some sunshine breaking out here. by noontime, beautiful. but those showers out of the mountains will get closer to us in the afternoon. these are scattered showers by 4:00 p.m. some could have some rumbles of thunder. then they pass off, mainly east of washington. between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.ering sprinkle during the evening hours. otherwise, we'll be clearing out. should be dry for the nationals game tonight. dropping down into the 60s after reaching mid 70s in the mid afternoon. how is the commute now, melissa?
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>> kind of nasty. we're talking about the outer loop of new hampshire avenue. that's a little -- kind of what we normally see, but we are seeing some bigger backups as you're approaching new hampshire avenue. so a little bit slow there. taking a look at 66 into town a little slow this morning. this is because of that crash we showed you a little bit ago as you're headed into town approaching the beltway. about a five-mile backup overall. quite slow as you hit the beltway. looking at 95 northbound from dale city up to the beltway, 45 miles an hour. not terribly bad this morning. we have some closures at sheriff road as they make the repairs to the water main breaking and single tracking between van ness and dupont. travel times in ten minutes. >> thanks. friends and family will remember a security guard shot and killed at the census building in suitland. the funeral for lawrence buckner
6:32 am
will be held in virginia. he was shot last week at the census building in suitland. the man who shot him ronald anderson led police on a chase that ended in the district. the debate over security changes is heating up after a u.s. postal worker piloted his gyrocopter on to capitol grounds. some lawmakers are calling this a major gap in security that could have been catastrophic if the pilot wanted to do harm. eleanor holmes norton said security needs to be reviewed but cautioned against taking extreme measures. >> the one thing i want to make sure of is that we don't overreact. i think that this man without meaning to has provided us with a practice opportunity. >> norad says it did not know that doug hughes was in restricted space because he was flying below the radar. and meanwhile, hughes is heading
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back to florida while he awaits his next court appearance. a judge banned the postal worker from stepping foot into the district except when he comes to court. he'll be under home detention and has to wear an electronic device. he's due back in court on may 8th. new details, just in to the live desk about pope francis possibly making a stop in cuba while on his way to the u.s. here's what we have learned about the vatican's discussions with cuba. the pontiff is trying to work out whether he'll travel to the island nation either before or after his visit to america in september where he'll address congress visit the white house and the u.n. adding a stop there is considered a critical step in providing more support to both nations. currently making moves to try to restore diplomatic ties. that is the latest. now back to you, adam. >> thanks. thousands of e-mails from last year's sony hack are now on
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the internet. wikileaks uploaded more than 170,000 e-mails from the entertainment company into a searchable online archive. they published 30,000 additional documents. the whistle-blower site says the information belongs in the public domain, but sony says they're helping to distribute stolen information. sony estimates that the hacks have cost them millions. it is now 6:34. today we'll be learning how the district plans to recruit more firefighters. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and fire and ems chief gregory dean will announce their new plans. that will happen in northwest at 10:00 a.m. it seems that recruitment is not just an issue in the district. in alexandria a ribbon cutting at a new fire station is on hold. the city has a brand new fire station, but no firefighters. many of you have signed a petition asking the city to include what ever is needed to get that fire station up and running. the city doesn't expect the fire
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station near the van dorn metro station to be fully staffed until next year. inmates at a local prison say a program that lets them train homeless dogs is changing their lives for the better. the inmates train these abandoned dogs at patuxent institute in maryland. two inmates work with each dog for ten weeks under supervision. we're not naming the inmates who spoke to news4, but they tell us the program has been therapeutic. >> he's helped me through a lot of stuff. he's helped me learn how to one, be able to be close to somebody or something and let them go and know it will be okay. >> since the program started in september, the inmates have trained several dogs and more will be heading their way. great program. >> definitely. a great night to take in the ball game if you're a military member or if you want to support the service members. tonight is military appreciation night. active duty retired military and your families can take advantage of free or discounted tickets.
6:36 am
all you have to do stop by the box office near the first base gate beginning at 4:00 p.m. today. the nats are taking on the philadelphia phillies tonight at 7:05. trying to prevent another scene like this one. take a look when you will see new security measures outside of the white house as one of the men accused of jumping the fence heads to court. fighting their fines. the new class action lawsuit that claims the company running the express lanes in virginia is hitting people with hefty fees. we say good-bye to the overnight rain but don't get used to
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some drivers are launching a class action lawsuit against the
6:40 am
operator of the 495 express lanes. it accuses transurban of slapping fees on the passengers even if the toll isn't charged because of faulty equipment. transurban sued one woman for more than $90,000. over $20 in missed tolls she thought she had paid. not a great weekend to use the greenbelt metro station. it's closed tomorrow and on sunday you may notice some extra police. they'll be conducting an emergency response drill there. it will run from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. emergency crews will simulate the evacuation from a train. the drills will test the response and coordination of emergency workers. and i were talking about a beautiful weekend ahead. we'll focus on that. it might be a good time to go back down to the tidal basin. the cherry blossoms, most have blown away. look at that scene, you can't get enough of that. >> get out in the paddle boat.
6:41 am
storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is taking a paddle boat out this weekend. >> yeah, wonderful scene at the tidal basin. a cloudy sky in wake of the rain that came on through. the showers have passed through the metro area but the pavement is still wet this morning. so use caution for the morning commute. it ought to be dry by midday and may get wet again later this afternoon as some showers come on through. maybe with some rumbles of thunder. but dry pavement we'll be near 60 degrees. a chance of showers and maybe thunder coming through. we have to make it into the mid 70s by mid afternoon. a look at the weather for the weekend and rain chances coming up at 6:51. melissa, what's doing on? >> right now we have some single tracking still happening on metro. between van ness and dupont because of a track issue. travel times now, 270 south in germantown taking you longer
6:42 am
than usual. five minutes behind. outer loop to 270, 18 minutes right now. then in virginia, 95 north quantico to the beltway, ten minutes behind. 395 from the brim to 495 looking pretty good. 66 inbound from fairfax county beltway, that's the slowest spot right there. it's taking 31 minutes. back in a few. making it worth your while to enjoy the national parks this weekend. and why it's getting tougher to keep these facilities in good condition. and cutting your television bill without cutting the cord. the new option for those looking to save some money. your time is 6:43. stay with us.
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if you run over somebody it's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags.
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taking extra precaution to make it harder for people to get over the white house fence. when you will see added security measures in place as one of the suspected intruders prepares to face a judge. but first, weather and traffic. >> great clouds over the greening over washington. live view from the city camera on this friday morning. by 8:00 a little sun breaking out. it will be near 60. by 70 by noon. late afternoon, mid 70s. nis? >> slow 66 inbound as you approach the beltway from an earlier crash and 198 still shut down between batson road and peach orchard lane. all blocked because of wires
6:46 am
down. it's 6:46. a maryland man who jumped the white house fence last october has to answer to a judge. the incident raised questions about how safe the white house really is. and now officials are moving forward with security upgrades. news4's megan mcgrath has details. megan? >> reporter: well, eun, you can see the temporary fence that's been put up in front of the permanent fence at the white house. an added deterrent to jumpers. there have been a number offense jumping incidents in recent months. one of the jumpers, dominic adesanya is due in federal court after undergoing psychiatric treatment. treatment that was ordered by a judge. look at this cell phone video. it shows adesanya punching secret service dogs back in october. he made it about 20 yards past the fence before he was taken down by canines. now it was one of several incidents that focused attention on white house security and the fence itself.
6:47 am
and now changes are on the way. in the coming weeks, pointy steel spikes will be bolted on the top of the existing fence. they're going to be sharp making it difficult to scale the fence. other possible enhancements being considered include increasing security at three vehicle check points on the ellipse, replacing the current fence with a taller ten foot fence. and they're also considering building another fence inside the existing perimeter so there would be a double fence. now, there were a couple of other ideas that were floated out there ruled out including barbed wire on top of the fence. another one was a moat. but they decided against that. back to you, eun. molette green at the live desk. chopper 4 now over the scene of police activity in silver spring. at the university boulevard colesville road area. montgomery county police and firefighters on the scene there
6:48 am
giving medical attention. they first responded to a report of a shooting near a gas station nearby. but they right now are working on this victim. not sure what his injuries are. this is happening in a shopping center nearby. we are watching these developments and we'll bring you much more as soon as we get it on air and in our nbc washington app. that's the latest. back to you, adam. >> thanks molette. well, our northern virginia bureau chief will be in court to see if a former police officer posts bond. he was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography. he made the first court appearance yesterday. d.c. police are trying to figure out why someone would shoot two teenagers. this happened last night in the district on alabama avenue in g street southeast. we don't know the ages but we know it was a boy and a girl who were shot. they're expected to be okay. one neighbor says they heard
6:49 am
between six and eight gunshots after 8:00 p.m. another neighbor told us they saw a car speed away from the scene after the shots were fired. right now an 11-year-old boy is missing from hyattsville and police need your help to find him. take a good look at his picture here. this is marquell raynard boyd. he was last seen yesterday on editors park drive in hyattsville. he have seen wearing a blue gap sweatshirt and a white polo underneath and khaki pants. boyd suffers from russell-silver syndrome and must eat 2,000 calories a day to avoid medical complications. a mother is looking for her son's stolen wheelchair. prince george's county police released this surveillance video. someone took the wheelchair away from an apartment complex in langley park. she leaves the wheelchair in the lobby of the building every night so she can carry her son up to the second floor.
6:50 am
when she went to get the chair on monday morning it was gene gone. today, deeds will speak out about mental health. in 2013 his son attacked him and then killed himself. gus deeds suffered from bipolar disorder. he was denied treatment because the facility was full. since then, deeds has become a leader in the fight for mental health reform. today he'll talk about how the legal system can help those suffering from mental illness. lawmakers in virginia will rework a bill that limits gifts that i can receive from lobbyist lobbyists. here's what happened. the bill originally called for limits of $100 per gift. governor terry mcauliffe then called for a limit of $100 per year in gifts. whip that change was made, it accidentally limited the gifts to $100 per lifetime. that's what lawmakers plan to fix today. the reforms stem from corruption
6:51 am
charges levelled against bob mcdon connell and his wife. people are trying to trim their tv bills and now verizon has a way to save and keep your service. cnbc's landon dowdy has more. good morning. >> that's right. verizon is offering customers a new pay tv plan that lets them choose a bundle of channels as it tries to lure people away from cable rivals and online rivals like netflix. for $65 you get 36 channels and themes like sports or children. you can add and drop packages every month. back over to you, eun. >> thanks. starting off a little soggy today, but temperature picture and weather picture going to improve. >> yeah looking great for the weekend. we'll try out today. so improving news as you step out the door though you'll notice the sidewalk still wet. you have street still wet from the overnight rain that came on through. right now that moving radar, that's some light rain that's
6:52 am
moving east of the bay and pulling across the eastern shore and behind that still a bit of cloudiness. we're in the mid 50s across northern virginia and nearby suburbs, prince george's county and right at reagan at 59 degrees. later today with some sunshine breaking out by 8:00. we'll be still in the upper 50s and 60s with some sunshine and by noontime partly cloudy. should be around 70 degrees. when you're headed back home you may hear a rumble of thunder. but no severe weather. it will be in the mid 70s. have an umbrella handy as you head home encountering a few showers. then tonight the nationals play the phillies again first pitch, 7:05. in the low 70s at 7:05 and then falling into the 60s by the last out, the mid 60s. great weather for tomorrow's
6:53 am
earth day concert. starting at 11:00 clock in the morning until 7:00 p.m. make sure you have a hat and a sun block because bright sunshine all over the region. high temperatures around 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. then cooler on sunday into the mid 60s. increasing clouds. another chance of rain sunday evening and then likely rain showers on monday. and cool as well. temperatures in the 60s, drying out tuesday, wednesday next week. storm team 4 seven day look outshows another chance of some rain toward the end of the week on thursday. highs in the 60s. melissa here now with problems on metro. >> yeah. problems hopefully getting a little bit better here. just got an update that red line is no longer single tracking. that's something we have been dealing with for much of the morning. so no longer single tracking there. 270 shady grove road looking southbound looking good. 66 at 50 lots of volume, 66 inbound this morning because of
6:54 am
an earlier crash. it has been cleared. it was near the beltway. still though you know how what happens on 66 once there's a little crash. out of fredericksburg 95 a little slow through stafford. remember to listen to our friends on wtop for the latest on traffic. prince george's county overall looking good. same thing when you look up here. the parkway out of town is a little slow. spencerville 198 still shut down between peach orchard road because of downed wires. this weekend is the perfect time to get closer to nature at a national park. tomorrow kicks off national parks week and they're adding some extra perks for visitors. tracie potts has a look at the events this week and some of the challenges facing the national parks. >> reporter: good morning, adam. one of the perks you get all this for free. all of the parks that do charge admission aren't doing it this weekend.
6:55 am
to celebrate national parks week to try to get people out. there are more than 400 sites around the country, 59 are national parks like here at great falls. so you get this beautiful nature for free this weekend, but they're trying to draw attention to the fact that they have a massive budget for deferred maintenance. this is stuff that needs to be fixed that they can't get to. and it's $11.5 billion. $665 million in virginia about half that in maryland. things like crumbling walkways and sinks, they want to get those fixed before their centennial next year. >> all right, thanks. it's now 6:55. the district needs more firefighters and we'll be there when muriel bowser and incoming fire chief gregory craig announce the new recruitment plans at 10:00 a.m. and some toll plans are being met by opposition by the four lawmakers. they're call on the transportation secretary to slow
6:56 am
down the process and involve more people in the discussion. police are looking for this person who stole a boy's wheelchair. it happened in langley park in an apartment complex. friends and family will attend the funeral of the security guard shot and killed at the census building in suit land. lawrence buckner was shot last week in suitland. cloudy now and temperatures are in the 50s later on today. mid 70s by mid afternoon. volume here, 66 at 50, probably one of the slowest spots this morning. we have an exciting announcement we want you to start your morning off with caffeine and we need it. >> is there anything that says working for you more than free food? there's the man behind the truck, brandon and the homemade doughnuts. >> did you say homemade doughnuts? we'll be handing out free coffee
6:57 am
and doughnuts at certain days. it starts monday morning near the metro station. come on out, while supplies last. >> two things that go great together. coffee and doughnuts. thanks for joining us this morning. that's our show. >> have a great a new form of innovation
6:58 am
is taking shape, bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger. it's reimaging tv to give more people more choices. it's bringing technology and people together in ways you never thought possible.
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comcast and time warner cable. together is better for more people.
7:00 am
good morning. texas twisters. >> i'm fixing to head for cover. >> a string of tornadoes slams the lone star state. this one near amarillo. today more severe weather threatens millions from colorado all the way to florida. al is tracking it. falsified records? new questions about the training of that reserve deputy who shot and killed the suspect claiming he mistook his gun for a taser. this morning that officer speaks out for the first time in an exclusive live interview. reporter's rant. a talent at espn goes on a nasty tirade against a tow company


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